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It is the surgeon's responsibility to inform the patient or his representatives of the possible complications associated with the implant before surgery and that, in the event of complications, the device may not be completely removable.

The patient must be informed that the device is a permanent implant and that any complication associated with the implant may require additional intervention.

The patient must be warned of the fact that future pregnancies could invalidate the surgical effects of the implantation of the device as it could create a relapse.

The surgeon must carefully monitor the patient's condition before discharge from the hospital and, at the time of discharge, it will be his responsibility to provide the necessary information on the behavioral rules to be followed during convalescence.

It is the surgeon's task to advise the patient to contact the doctor immediately if symptoms such as, but not limited to redness, swelling, pain, secretions from the area surrounding the wound and the appearance of fever appear as a sign of a possible infection; redness, itching and irritation/swelling of the area in contact with the patch; abnormal wound bleeding, abdominal pain or testicle pain; calf pain and shortness of breath.