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Mesh for surgery

Polypropylene or polyester standard and pre-shaped meshes and plugs for the surgical treatment of hernias and other deficiencies in the abdominal wall

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The Rectal Mesh is a modern solution for a considerable problem that strikes a high percentage of women.

It has been estimated that the women (about the 50%) have some defects of pelvic static during their menopause.

The rectocele is the main one, combined with some other defects of the pelvic region.

The use of a preshaped polypropylene mesh allows a strong and lasting repair of the recto-vaginal septum.

The mesh is applied with a real “tension free” technique avoiding the vaginal stenosis and the other complications due to the traditional surgical technique by vaginal way.

Rectal Mesh

5 x 9 cm
5,5 x 10 cm
5 pieces
5 pieces