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Vein extractor for safena vein stripping: it reduces the tissue trauma and it allows a better aesthetics

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The ANGIOSTRIP is a single use device used for stripping the safena vein with reduced trauma and esthetic damage. The ANGIOSTRIP can be used in Day Surgery.

The major benefit of ANGIOSTRIP is that it allows the extraction of the stripped vein through an inguinal incision: this kind of incision is small, in order to allow the sole threading of the vein.

To allow the vein and the stripper to "go up" along the longitudinal axis of the limb, after the stripping, it will be necessary to join the vein to the stripper and both of these to the stripper head. This is to avoid losing the three pieces during the stripping in the opposite direction.

This is made possible by the unique grove in the ogive, at the apex of which the tied thread will lodge; the thread has to be as long as the stripped vein segment. In case of complication, with the 6 millimeter head, it is possible to perform both the invaginant stripping and the stripping for single collateral veins in varix recidivation.


Nylon vein stripper box of 12 pcs
no. 2 threads (1 mt. long)
no. 1 handle
no. 4 ogives ø 6-9-12-15 mm
Made of Nylon 6 sterilized by ETO
Vein strippers can also be supplied on request with different thread lengths.
All products are sterile.
Product registered CE mark no.1936.

Angiologica reserves the right to change the specifications of the above listed products at anytime without prior notice, in line with the company policy for product development.
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