Ricerca e sviluppo

Angiologica’s R&D division guarantees a continuity in the development of the products made by Angiologica as well as creating new products in order to satisfy the market demand while improving the conditions of the end user, thanks to the decennial experience of the internal personnel and of selected opinion leaders and strong of the cooperation with experts in the sector, Universities and Centres of Research, both Italian and European.

During the last years, the efforts of the R&D personnel have brought to the development of the proprietary technology needed to realize the new composite mesh Combi Mesh Plus®, a monofilament polypropylene mesh with a special polyurethane treatment on one of its surfaces, with the effect of a double layer mesh, with a clear advantage in reducing the formation of intestinal adhesions with the prosthesis. Latest new products from Angiologica’s studies are the U-Needle®, a tumescent local anaesthesia (TLA) needle, and the Orienter®, a steerable catheter.

The cooperation with internationally known researchers has brought Angiologica to participate in various projects of R&D, self-funded or funded by the European Community or by the Ministry of Education, University and Research.

Ricerca e SviluppoThe most important projects have been realized in the vascular field, for the creation of innovative vascular prostheses of small diameter, in the biomaterials, for the development of biocompatible materials for the composition of prosthesis, in the drug field, for the study, production and test of drugs for the regeneration of the tissue in diabetic patients affected by ulcerative cutaneous lesions, as well as in the study of stem cells in the field of the tissue regrowth and in the cardiac field.

Ricerca e SviluppoAngiologica’s R&D personnel is available in order to analyze innovative proposals, to appraise their feasibility (through feasibility studies) as well as their potential (through specific market analysis), and to develop medical devices or equipments together with the inventor.

The experience of many years allows to Angiologica to follow the realization of a new product from the initial idea to the obtainment of the patent, of the CE mark or FDA approval, up to its launch on the market and even to the post market surveillance and analysis.

The Italian Style of Surgery

The Company is also active in the research and development of medical equipments and other specialized medical devices, as in the research about biomaterials and takes part in European projects (e.g. development of small calibre vascular grafts).
The sales organization consists of exclusive distributors in the international markets and dealers and agents in Italy.
ANGIOLOGICA has a certified quality system ISO 13485. The ANGIOLOGICA’s medical devices have CE Marking and FDA approval.

Medical devices

Polypropylene and polyester meshes, single or double layer for hernia repair and laparoceles.
Single use rotating device for the treatment of the hemorroids.
Vein extractor for safena vein stripping: it reduces the tissue trauma and it allows a better aesthetics.
Biocompatible, smooth and atraumatic polyester tapes, used in general, cardiovascular and gyn surgery.
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