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Polypropylene or polyester standard and pre-shaped meshes and plugs for the surgical treatment of hernias and other deficiencies in the abdominal wall

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The Repol Angimesh XCO prosthesis in Polypropylene, takes a revolutionary step on the treatment of the groin hernia.


It is a unique preshaped double-breasted mesh available in two types of knitted polypropylene (thick and standard).

The mesh is shaped in a way that do not require any suture closing in the tails around the spermatic cord (sometimes a breakdown or the incorrect knotting determine the opening of the tails with a hernia relapse) and allows a double reinforcement around the internal inguinal ring without the need of fixing stitches on the prosthesis.

The sliding of the two surfaces A & B one over the other until the full tissue fibroblast infiltration, allows the prosthesis to perfectly adapt to the anatomical variations of the inguinal area without any traction or tension and together with the absence of anchor suture on the prosthesis, it reduces the post intervention pain.

This particular prosthesis may be used together with a plug or individualized depending on which type of technique is applied by the surgeon (suturless or tension free).

Folded Mesh

A9 - XCO standard mesh
A5 - XCO half-thick mesh
5 x 10 cm
5 x 10 cm
5 pieces
5 pieces
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